Basic knowledge of LED grid screen installation

Tag:Feature news|Release Time:2021-07-28

The so-called LED grid screens are also called LED light bar screens. As the name suggests, they refer to the grid-shaped LEDs composed of new LED light bars in recent years. Since its form is hollow and grid format, those skilled in the art refer to it as a grid screen, a hollow screen, etc.

LED grille screen is a special kind of LED display. It is the "makeup artist" of modern cities and plays an important role in the process of urban lighting and beautification. LED grid screens are widely used in building curtain walls, building roofs, outdoor advertising and other scenes. What problems should be paid attention to during the installation of the LED grid screen?

1. Selection of the installation location of the LED grid screen of the building body: test the wall quality of the location where the LED grid screen of the Yinhan Zhixian brand is installed on the building body, and investigate whether the wall of the building body can bear the weight of the LED grid screen structure ; The location of the installation of the LED grid screen of the building should avoid the display area being blocked by other buildings or trees, so as not to affect people's visual viewing effect; to ensure the stable performance of the LED grid screen and safe installation and operation.

2. Confirmation of the structure of the large outdoor LED grid screen: For the outdoor LED display installed on the wall of the building, when the manufacturer designs the structure and construction drawings in the early stage, the type and size of the building and the root structure and the establishment of the LED grid screen Detailed description of the location and analysis and confirmation of it to ensure its good operating performance.

3. Key points of installation and construction of LED grid screen: During the construction of LED grid screen, keep in touch with the construction unit at any time to keep abreast of the progress of the grid screen installation. If the distance permits, you should try your best to inspect the construction site to avoid the difference between construction and planning. , The problem can be found immediately and adjusted in time to ensure that the LED grid screen of the building can be successfully installed.

Because the external model of the building and the location of the installation wall are different, construction and installation need to be carried out according to the site environment without affecting the appearance of the building, so that the LED grid screen can achieve a better display effect.

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